A Story about a Cat Lover

This is short story about a cat lover and his cats. Well, it’s mostly about one particular cat named Turbo. It’s written by a friend of mine and I thought it would make a cute children’s story.

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A few years ago, a tall man with a beard was living alone. The man, Adrian, had never had any pets but dogs. He wouldn’t even consider owning a cat. Until he met Turbo. And, to tell the truth, Turbo, didn’t think much of people when she met Adrian. She looked up at him and checked him out from the top of his head to his feet. Then, turning her half-black, half-white face away, Turbo went looking for a cat box and lunch.

The dog-loving human and human-hating cat have been inseparable ever since. Well, since the lunch part. Turbo likes to eat. And sleep.

Both of those enjoyments have been interrupted recently. Turbo keeps trying to tell Adrian she is feeling a bit testy about the changes. But Turbo has always been a bit testy, so Adrian isn’t listening very well.

Adrian bought a new house, and new furniture. The old couch is in the garage now. Turbo could live with that, except…

Adrian also got a new kitten. The kitten, Archimedes, has a game he likes to play with Turbo. It’s called, “If I Land On You Like a Helicopter, Will You Play With Me?”

And while Adrian and Turbo are sitting on the couch in the garage, just relaxing, Archimedes jumps quietly onto the back of the couch. Then, SPLAT! He jumps onto Turbo. Now, Turbo didn’t start out all warm and fuzzy, but this is pushing her to the edge of her grown-up cat grumpiness. But the big black and white cat has developed a defense. She lowers her head, raises her paw, and when Archie comes, wanting to play helicopter, Turbo sends him flying with a flick of her soft paw. Archie loves it.

Everything would be settled, if it weren’t for three things.

About six months ago, Adrian got three chicks. They have grown fast, and after Archie gets done trying to play helicopter in the garage, here come the chicks, wanting to play, “poke and run”. Turbo doesn’t like poke and run.

One of the white chickens likes to stay off by herself, but the black and the red chickens come up wanting to poke and run.

Turbo still likes to eat. She isn’t as skinny as she once was. Plus now, she feels the urge to nap coming on more and more. Adrian moved the chicken coop into the garage for the winter, and the light is on in the coop. Turbo is having a hard time figuring out why all these animals have to be in her house.

She allowed This dog-loving human to live with her.

She didn’t complain much when they moved from their familiar apartment to this big house.

But Turbo has about had it. If Archie isn’t playing helicopter, the chickens are playing poke and run. The black and white cat can’t figure out why Adrian just laughs.

Turbo still thinks Adrian is the car’s meow, but really, did he have to start a zoo? And he is talking about getting a duck, next!

Turbo watches as Adrian puts the chickens in their coop for the night. Silly creatures. With feathers everywhere. Who would want feathers? Turbo licks her paws contentedly. Fur is the best body covering, she thinks, as she smooths it down.

Archimedes gets put in the house. Turbo watches Adrian walk back toward their couch. He sits, and she snuggles up against his leg. “Oh, come on Turbo, you can do better than that,” Adrian says. Turbo thinks, Yes, I can, but whether I have the energy, I don’t know. Somehow, though she gets up to her favorite place: Adrian’s shoulder.

Once up there, she goes to sleep. Just as her eyes close, Adrian falls asleep. It’s so nice and quiet in the garage, on their couch.

Then here comes Archie. How did he get back out here? Oh, well, he will just go to sleep, thinks Turbo. But, no, Archie has decided that it is time for one more game of helicopter today. “Come on, Turbo, just one more!”

Turbo knows just what to do. Lowering her head, she raises he paw and waits. Archie comes closer. Then Archie becomes a helicopter. Turbo sleeps.

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