Pisces Facts

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Pisces Overview

In astronomy, Pisces is the 12th sign in the zodiac, covering the period of February 19 to March 20. It is represented by two fishes connected together. People with this sign are said to be emotionally sensitive, gracious, and highly sympathetic. If you are a Pisces or your special someone, you might want to read on to find out various things about a Pisces.

Quick Facts about Pisces

Dates: February 19 to March 20

Planet: Neptune

Symbol: A pair of fish, connected from head to tail

Element: Water

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Pisces: Characteristics

Learn which of these characteristics fits you or your friend(s) most.


Pisces are born to be emotionally sensitive. They quickly feel sad, burdened, or happy, and a whole lot of different emotions. However, when it comes to receiving care and affection from others, Pisces can become as stubborn as ever.

They are also empathetic and can easily sympathize with other people. They know when to say something and when to listen. They will do everything to make everyone they love and the people around them happy or less burdened.

Aside from this, Pisces is a brilliant and artistic being. They see colors in everything and can work wonders in making everything around them as vivid and lively as they can. They always have ideas that never seem to go out.

They are also known for being generous. Their generous nature makes them an easy target for people who love to take advantage of others.


Pisces are overly-emotional beings. Just like any other type of zodiac, Pisces are flawed. They tend to get a little bit wishy-washy during arguments or discussions. They also tend to get moody, and getting them to forget what upset them can be challenging.

They also tend to get impressed quickly. People with this sign easily trust people. They are very romantic, so they tend they get swayed easily. Their chances of being deceived are always higher due to their nature.

Another weakness these sensitive beings have is being closed off. Pisces spend most of their time and idea on taking care of others, so the thought of receiving care and affection from people are just too hard for them to accept.

Pisces in Relationships

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Pisces are famous for being loyal and deeply caring. When they fall in love, they fall hard. They would do anything for the one they love and would even go out of their way to give the people they love surprises or treats.

They are also lovers of romance, so sweeping them off their feet can be easy. A bouquet of roses or chocolates is enough to make them swoon over you. However, you don’t want to test your luck because you’ll never have the chance to make up with her when you break her trust.

How To Get Along With Pisces

Because of their natural calling to help others, Pisces are among the signs that people can get along with pretty quickly. Getting them to accept you or work with you can be effortless, and your friendship with each other can go a long way, provided that you know how to handle this sign.

To get along well with Pisces, you have to make sure that you tell them how you feel. They are good listeners, and they will be more than happy to listen to your thoughts. They can also easily sense if a person is faking it or being honest. So, if there are particular concerns that you need to raise with her, it’s wise to talk it out instead of faking a smile.

Make them feel that you are genuinely there for them. People with this sign are reluctant and reclused when people try to show care and affection. Make them feel that you genuinely offer your hand to them and that you can be trusted. Making them think you care about them can help them open up more.

Advice and Suggestions for Pisces

Pisces, you are wise, sympathetic, generous, and endearing. You are often quickly taken advantage of because of your generosity.

It’s okay to say NO sometimes. People would understand if you can’t give in to their requests. Caring for others is good, but caring too much isn’t right. Do not neglect your needs, and always remember that you cannot please everybody.

You are also very emotional. When things get too heated up, take a breather. Don’t let emotions get the best of you. Gain control of your feelings and always check whether your decisions are best for you and not just for the people around you.

Remember that you are a lovely soul, and you deserve the best, just like everyone else.