No F*cks Given – Quote about Life

No f*cks given - funny inspirational quote
No f*cks given


Sometimes in life, the most appropriate response is to just say, I don’t give a f*ck, and move on.

Everything is fighting for our attention, if we were to pay equal attention to all of them, we’d be exhausted and we’d also be failing at what really deserves our attention.

A trolling Facebook status from your “friend” you feel so very strongly compelled to reply to but doing so doesn’t really get you anywhere? No f*cks given. Pretend like you didn’t see the status. Even better, unfriend him. I mean who cares? I know deep down you don’t.

The superficial High school reunion you dread to attend this coming Saturday night? You don’t have to go. No f*cks given. You can spend that time doing what really matters instead, for example, spending time with your kids, have a romantic dinner with your wife, or even assembling the IKEA chair that you bought last year.

The idea is not to isolate yourself from everyone and everything.

The idea is to empower yourself with the authority to say no and ignore things that don’t really matter.


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